Technical Information


I know! You are saying, “What is the list of additional things we need to know?”

We are telling you, “Low-Maintenance.”

(1) TRAVEL – We take care of our own travel – flights, rental car, or driving to your event. We include this on our price we quote.

SOUND SYSTEM – A hypnosis show needs a sound system that includes quality main speakers and a stage monitor. If you are saying, “huh?” Don’t worry about it …

Alan’s will talk to the people supplying the sound system. You do not need to be in the middle of learning a new vocabulary for our show – amplifiers, speakers, mixers; watts, ohms, amps, volts; 1/4″, XLR, mini plug, frequency… We have you covered.

HOTEL – In California we need a hotel for one night. Outside California, need two nights lodging. We arrive the day before and leave the day after.

PROPS – Two bottles of H20 and a box of tissues.

LOW-MAINTENANCE – MISTY & THE SANDMAN pride themselves on taking care of all the details. You are organizing an event. We will make your job as easy as we possibly can.