Misty & The SandMan

Meet the busiest, two-person comedy and corporate keynote motivational hypnosis team in the business.

Your employees, guests, and clients will remember this show for years.

Performing for intimate crowds or audiences of hundreds, the hypnotic duo of Misty & The SandMan has a universal appeal that draws everyone in for an extraordinary experience. Audiences feel they’ve been a part of something exceptional, and skeptics are left convinced hypnosis is real.

These performers entertain all around the world: England, China, Malaysia, South Africa, all across Canada, Scotland, the UAE, and have shared their talents at over 250 county fairs, ten state fairs, Canadian exhibitions, and festivals. They have returned year after year to colleges and universities, casinos, extended runs at amusement parks, over 1000 corporate events of every nature, dozens of comedy clubs, theaters, conventions, cruise ships, and 400 high school shows. Holiday season they are popular at all types of company parties.

Their show is family-friendly and covid-19 safe.

Misty & The SandMan are on the road together over 200 days each year. Invite them to come, amaze & motivate you and your team.